Pipelines configured to kick off with new tags don't get kicked off

This is something that stopped working in the middle of tagging multiple repos and expecting their respective pipelines to start. 2 out of 4 repos that had new tags pushed had their pipelines kicked off successfully but the other 2 did not. To kick off everything again (as this was a release tag), I removed the tags and retagged all four repos, and this time none of them got kicked off. Has anyone experienced this? It happened on Friday, September 23rd. I already opened a support ticket but I have not gotten any response yet so I wanted to check with the community. Nothing changed in the config yamls.


If our system sees a tag that has been pushed previously it will be detected as “duplicated” and thus CircleCI would not run another build.

To resolve this we would recommend pushing an entirely new tag to a new commit which should allow the builds to work.

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Owen Oliver

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