Git Tag not Triggering after Delete and Re-create

I have a configuration using tags as the trigger for a workflow. This has been working fine for weeks. However, CircleCI failed to pick up the latest tag (v0.0.26), and when I delete the tag (v0.0.26) and re-create it, CircleCI does not pick it up.

If I create a new tag (v0.0.27) with that same commit, everything works fine. If I delete that tag (v0.0.27), push it to GitHub so GitHub does not show the tag anymore, and re-create that tag (v0.0.27) CircleCI does not pick it up.

I am assuming CircleCI is caching what tags it has already seen and not building it since GitTags show the date of the commit and not when that tag was created. However, there is no way to kick off the associated workflow again by re-creating the tag. I did not find any documentation on this, but is there a way in CircleCI to reset that tag, so then if I re-create that tag, CircleCI will properly see it and kick off the associated workflow?


Thanks for reporting. I’ve filed this bug with our engineers and we are investigating.

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Any updates on this item? I’m facing similar issue as well

Looks like this bug is 2+ years old. Any chance it will be fixed?

Hi @personias! I think it was decided that this is intentional behavior. Once you push a tag to CircleCI, it is bookmarked to the commit sha. So if the same tag is deleted, re-created and the same commit is tagged with the same name, it is marked as a duplicate and will not trigger a build.

If you create a tag with a different name, a build will be triggered.

Thanks for closing the loop on this! I’ll let folks know & suggest they use uniquely named tags or re-run the old execution of the workflow.

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