PHPUnit exits with zero code and dies silently




I have a test suite of Magento PHPUnit tests that I am running on CircleCI.

One of my tests is failing at the moment, having a missing line in an expectation. When I run the suite locally (and on another local environment, not just my own) the whole suite runs and reports the failures as expected.

When CircleCI runs them, it doesn’t even start running the first test case, but dies silently with exit code zero (pass!) - this is obviously a concern to us as we can’t assume the CI build is passing if it has died silently instead!

This specific problem seems to be specific to CircleCI, as the same commit is behaving differently between local and Circle, but I’ve seen issues in the past with PHPUnit dying with a zero exit code after an exception is thrown.

Do you have any suggestions?


We found the problem - Magento runs install scripts when you run the PHPUnit tests, and one of our install scripts was using FULLTEXT indexes which wasn’t supported on the version of MySQL that our CI build was running.

Upgrading from MySQL 5.5 to MySQL 5.6 should fix this problem for us.

Thanks anyway.