Parallism (test splitting) for android UI-tests


we are currently using the circleci/android@2.2.0 orb for our builds and tests. Our test job takes currently ~22min and CircleCI always approaches us in the web UI to use test splitting. But I’m totally lost on how to use test splitting with an avd configuration.

Do I need multiple avd instances? Is test splitting even supported for convenience commands of the android orb (e.g. start-emulator-and-run-tests)?

This is our test job config:

Instrumented tests for all modules

<<: *android_image_emulator
- *attach_workspace
- prepare_build
- restore_gradle_cache
- android/start-emulator-and-run-tests:
<<: *avd_config
<<: *avd_systemImage
test-command: ./gradlew connectedMockAndroidTest mergeAndroidReports --continue
- store_instrumented_test_artifacts
- cleanup_build

Best regards, Mike