Gradle parallell test support:maxParallelForks

I am trying to use the Gradle maxParallelForks functionality for executing integration tests in parallel, but unable to achieve this on CircleCi. Here are my configuration:
test {
minHeapSize = “128m”
maxHeapSize = “1024m”
forkEvery 100
jvmArgs ‘-Xmx1024m’, ‘-Xms128m’
maxParallelForks = 2
GRADLE_OPTS: -Xmx2048m
TERM: dumb
- run:
name: run tests
command: ./gradlew test build --no-daemon
The problem which i am facing is that it only executes 1 test class at a time instead of executing 2 test classess parallelly. It is using the default configuration for resources i.e. 2CPU/4096MB.

Can you please help me in resolving this issue?


Hi Umer,

Thanks for writing into Discuss and reaching out to the community. If you’re still having this issue, will you please write into CircleCI Support and link your build link where you’re seeing this? Another item that would help us troubleshoot would be the build.gradle file if you can make a secret gist and share this with our team as well. Thanks again!