Outside Collaborators cannot build because security contexts only allow Github org members

I have several Github Outside Collaborators who commit code that needs to run through CircleCI jobs. I use security contexts and the broadest permission I can apply to them is “All Members” which only affects Org members. Is there any workaround for this (I’ve seen the article from 5 years ago asking for outside collabs) other than simply eating the cost of inviting all my collaborators directly to my Github Org?

Did you get an answer to this? I’m running into the same issue.

Heya @Lalli
It’s been a while since this, I’m pretty sure I had to bite the bullet and invited them into the Github Org where they were collaborators before.

Hi @thedarkwriter & @Lalli,

I can confirm that when it comes to an organization’s contexts, GitHub outside collaborators get an inferred membership; so they have permission to view and use contexts that are accessible to the “All Members” security group.

Are you seeing another behaviour?