Organization settings page is broken

Page in question:

The request to graphql-unstable returns

{"errors":[{"message":"No value was provided for variable `vcsType', which is non-nullable.","locations":[{"line":2,"column":3}],"extensions":{"field":"organization","argument":"vcsType","variable-name":"vcsType"}}]}

Hi @amartsinovich! Can you verify that for :vcs and :org you have your parameters correct? For example, GitHub or Bitbucket for :vcs and then you case-sensitive organization name for :org

Hi @thekatertot
Yes, both vcs and org is there. I’m pretty sure the reason for the bug is that vcs variable is simply missing from the graphql query:

{"operationName":"Organization","variables":{"orgName":"my-actual-org"},"query":"query Organization($vcsType: VCSType!, $orgName: String!) {\n  organization(vcsType: $vcsType, name: $orgName) {\n    id\n    __typename\n  }\n}\n"}