OpenConnect VPN client to connect to private network services runs infinitely on CircleCI platform Windows 5.0 Orb

I am having issues connecting to vpn using OpenConnect in windows 5.0 orb. I am able to download and install OpenConnect using choco. I am using cmd.exe to run a command script which I have verified works locally on my dev environment. When I try to run it on CircleCI platform, the script runs infinitely without displaying any errors nor any logging. Below is the script I am using to connect to VPN: NOTE: User, Pwd, and vpn url have been changed to invalid value.

echo > script.vbs set shell = CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”):shell.SendKeys “Password123{ENTER}” & script.vbs | C:\Progra~2\OpenConnect-GUI\openconnect.exe myvpnurl:443 --protocol=anyconnect --user=MyUser --passwd-on-stdin

If anyone can provide some guidance on how to complete the connection, it would be appreciated