On macOS runners: WARNING: terminal is not fully functional

Just started getting this “terminal is not fully functional” on macOS runners.

Our scripts used to run fine on macOS previously and still work fine on Docker runners.

Any ideas or could this a temp Circle issue?

Xcode version: 11.1.0

Edit 2:
The warning is being thrown in the middle of a script rather than at the start.

Hi Muhammed,

Is this a warning that’s printed, or an error? Can you share a link to the build webpage please? If you don’t want to share it here you can email it to support@circleci.com and link to this ticket please.

cc @bytesguy



Hi Marc,

Thanks for your quick response.

It’s printed while executing. After that the output stops until the time_with_no_output times out as shown in the screenshot below:

The link to the first job that started having this issue is:


Hi Muhammed,

It looks like something in your script is looking for user input:

There is line in the output:

-  (press RETURN)

Some script must be waiting on user input, and after 10 minutes of no new output on stdout, CircleCI cancelled the job and marks it as failed.

I would try using yes to generate the newlines:

yes "" | ./provision-ios.sh

Thanks for the help. However, I doubt that for several reasons:
1: the same exact script was working and producing our builds before today,
2: the same script still works fine on Linux (Docker) runners, and
3: the warning shows up at random throughout the execution of the script.

I appreciate the insight though.


Adding the TERM env var on the macOS executor seems to have resolved the issue:

     xcode: "11.1.0"
     TERM: xterm-256color

Though why it worked in the past and stopped later I’m not sure.

Came across this on this GitHub issue: https://github.com/fastlane/fastlane/issues/11732#issuecomment-386429867

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