Not hacking, but can I enable auto-SSH?

I want automatic SSH access to the container every-time a build fails. Is there some config.yml wizardry that can mail -s "correct ssh credentials" "" when that build fails?

Fact is- I have an ancient computer, I can barely run Python, Git & Vim; launching firefox (or any browser that can handle CircleCI UX well) causes over-heating (which may or may not result in reboot) & long hangs. So I’d be really grateful if I could escape having to click “Rerun job with SSH” in browser everytime I want to get a closer look at why a build failed.

Also, I am not very smart, so if what I am asking for is unethical or violates CircleCI’s terms-of-use please let me know.

This feature is not supported, and would unlikely to be offered for security reasons. Sending a private key via email is never recommended.

I wondered if there is a feature to request a new build with SSH. I can’t see it, but have a look at the docs yourself. Also, peruse the feature suggestions page from the main site menu, to see if it has already been suggested.

Finally you could see what happens in a browser’s network tab when you click the “Rerun with SSH” - maybe there is a private API that you could use (noting that it may break in the future).

Could we have mail -s "link to re-run job with ssh" "" esp. if it just needed a -u or -H 'Bearer ....' adding to curl and it would include ssh -p <port> <ip> in the response