No Way to Diagnose Minor Typos in CircleCi Config

(1) Create a valid circleci config with a workflow job filters section and confirm it builds
(2) Update the “filters” key to “filter” (create a typo)

Does not build but can be diagnosed
Does not build, there is no way to diagnose.

There was talk on this forum of a YAML schema (unofficial, not from CircleCI). I wonder if that would take much effort to create? YAML is a slippery format, so it would be very nice to have.

To be clear, this is not a YAML formatting issue. The YAML is valid with “filter” or with “filters” - not sure if that’s what you meant though.

No, a schema goes further than that. It’s a way of checking whether a data structure (or a document that creates a data structure) obeys a preset set of rules about what a valid structure looks like.

This is being solved with v2.1 of the config (link) and the new CLI (link).