Add .circleci/config.yml and followed project pouchcontainer/d2p-migrator but no CI triggered when pr

The project is
And I added the config.yml already, see

In addition, I have followed to this project in circleci website:


But when I put forward a new pr, no ci triggered:

Could anyone to help me on this? Thanks in advance.

Your workflows section is invalid YAML; use this parser to see. I don’t have time to dig into why it is invalid, but I am sure you can find an example to copy. It is almost certainly to do with indentation.

Thanks for your feedback. Actually I test it, and it turns out to be valid yml. I am still confused about that and wondering if my test way is correct

Hmm, odd - I have tried all three versions in your repo, and they all seem to be fine now! I am not sure what I saw 12 days ago…

Are you getting builds on PR now? If not, do they work on push, or are they broken entirely?