No insights on the new UI, mandatory switch on Aug 14

My boss is angry because there’s no access to the Insights on the new UI, and the old one is unavailable after Aug 14.
Insights are very important to him and that’s why he liked to pay for the product.

What should I tell him?

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Hi @agoldis, welcome to the community!

We are in the process of improving Insights in the new UI. The new Insights dashboard will have important metrics including build duration at the workflow and job level. This new dashboard is coming soon in a beta release!

Additionally, expanding insights to test level granularity is on the roadmap for 2021. In the meantime, please check out our Insights APIs . As soon as a timeline for Insights in the UI is available, we’ll announce it.

If you’re interested in joining the Insights beta, I can pass your information along!

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Thanks, yes, we are interested. Deferring old UI shutdown would also work for us.


Could you please involve me in the Insights beta, thanks!

Hi @xiaoronglv! I believe the beta is full. We had lots of folks offer to help us make it a great experience. I will definitely post here if we open the beta up for more users. Thanks!