Next-Gen Android Convenience Image Beta

The next-gen Android beta image is now available. The following initial tags are available:

  • cimg/android:2021.08.1
  • cimg/android:2021.08.1-ndk
  • cimg/android:2021.08
  • cimg/android:2021.08-ndk
  • cimg/android:30.0
  • cimg/android:29.0
  • cimg/android:28.0
  • cimg/android:27.0

Currently, these images more or less contain everything the new Android Machine image does. They are large, brand new, and not yet optimized. All 4 images are currently identical though as the beta progresses, they will be updated to contain the API level version specified in their tag.

As this is a beta, these images aren’t considered stable yet. They can change at any time through the beta as we begin to optimize and tweak the images.


Feedback, questions, etc, please post them here. This forum thread will be updated when there’s significant changes to the image.

Add links to original post (OP).

(previous update) NDK version 22.1.7171670 added.

GCloud CLI v343.0.0 was installed.

The NDK versions were moved to a variant image due to their size. If you need the NDK and you were using the API 30 image, you would use cimg/android:30.0-ndk instead.

GCloud CLI, Maven, Gradle was updated.

The main versioning/tags for this image will likely change from being API level based to being based on the date. This would allow us to make more frequent updates to the image and match the cadence of the Android VM image. This also avoids the problem of letters in pre-release. For example, with Android 12, the API level during alpha and beta was api-S instead of api-31, which wouldn’t work with our image build system.

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The first post has the new date-based tags. The old API based tags will be deleted.

Old beta tags deleted.

This image has been promoted to GA/stable. Next-Gen Android Convenience Image Now GA/Stable