"New version found, shutting down" problem

We are using aws EC2 to launch self-hosted machine runners (Windows) for our CircleCI jobs. We ran into an issue: when we launch the circleci-launch-agent.exe executable, we get the following message in the log:

time=“2022-11-14T09:35:41-08:00” level=info msg=“CircleCI launcher starting” config=“C:\Program Files\CircleCI\launch-agent-config.yaml”
time=“2022-11-14T09:35:41-08:00” level=info msg=“loaded config” name=Runner_16684473387404416 url=“https://runner.circleci.com
time=“2022-11-14T09:35:41-08:00” level=info msg=“loaded env” proxy=
time=“2022-11-14T09:35:42-08:00” level=info msg=“New version found, shutting down”
time=“2022-11-14T09:35:42-08:00” level=info msg=“CircleCI launcher shut down”
time=“2022-11-14T09:35:42-08:00” level=info msg=“Not accepting any new tasks and canceling existing task after timeout” timeout=5h1m0s

It seems that the launcher is not searching for jobs, and just shuts down (and the jobs don’t get run). We’re not sure what “New version found” means, and how to address this issue. There doesn’t seem to have been a new launcher release, and the pipeline was working just this past weekend.

We’re expecting something that looks more like this in the log:

time=“2022-09-19T22:56:20Z” level=info msg=“CircleCI launcher starting” config=“C:\Program Files\CircleCI\launch-agent-config.yaml”
time=“2022-09-19T22:56:20Z” level=info msg=“loaded config” name=Runner_1663628172650986 url=“https://runner.circleci.com
time=“2022-09-19T22:56:20Z” level=info msg=“loaded env” proxy=
time=“2022-09-19T22:56:20Z” level=info msg=“no task found”
time=“2022-09-19T23:01:25Z” level=info msg=“no task found in last 28 checks”

Any help on how to get the launch agent working again would be appreciated.

The message is coming from the agent as it is now out of date and needs to be updated to the current release. I do not use the Windows-based agent and so can not say what the best way to do an upgrade is. A script is provided for Linux but after a quick look around there does not seem to be one for Windows.

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Thank you so much! That seems to work.

To prevent this happening in the future, do you know if CircleCI posts updates on new launcher version updates? Where could we find those?

Not that I’m aware of. From past experience, they seem to just push out new releases as and when they need to.

Ah that’s a little frustrating. Thank you for your help though!

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