New UI (workflows) missing cancel/re-run options, PR link etc. from workflow

First of all, I see the new UI lately evolving into being more usable and I find myself opting out of it less often recently. Great job and nice how you roll it out, I like that.

There is just a couple of minor things I don’t really like and which could probably be tackled quite easily:

  1. Why are there no valuable actions when I click on the three dots on a workflow in the pipelines list view? I would expect there to be cancel and re-run workflow options image
  2. Why can I access the github PR number/link only from job details page and not from the workflow details? Also, I can only access cancel/re-run options only from the jobs page, these also belong to the workflow page, in my opinion.
  3. less need to hit full page reload, often the UI seems to be stale and the lists are not updated (in workflows) I saw this behavior less often recently, so I guess you already have been optimizing this.

Manuel Fittko


Hi @mfittko,

Thanks for the feedback! Glad it’s getting better and better for you.

We’re designing now for how we’ll put the rerun/cancel options at the pipelines level. The three-dot menu is one option, or we could eliminate that and pursue some other paths.

Would you be willing to jump on a UX feedback call with us and review the designs? Happy to share a $50 gift card as a thank-you for a one hour session:


Kate Catlin
Senior Product Manager, CircleCI