New to this, shared files not showing in publish-github-release job

Disclaimer, very new to CircleCI. I have some experience using travis but not really a ton.

I have a very messy config.yml that I am trying to set up with a job to build my electron app for windows-linux and another job to build the macOS app and then the final job to push the artifacts to github. I printed out the contents of the workspace dir for a sanity check and they don’t show up on the github job. I am at a loss as to what I am doing wrong so now reaching out.

We are following up on old threads which were missed in the past in the hopes of helping other people.


Without a specific build, it is very hard to diagnose an issue with a config.

I can see you are running store_artifacts when defining a path it is a path relative to where you currently are we can see you have set working_directory: /tmp/workspace so it will store any files within the dist_electron folder starting from /tmp/workspace so in this case it would store any files that are in the folder /tmp/workspace/dist_electron

    working_directory: /tmp/workspace
      - store_artifacts:
          path: dist_electron

We would recommend using SSH to debug if the files are created and stored where you would expect please see the guide here.

Kind Regards
Owen Oliver