Passing artifacts from build jobs to a final deploy job

Hello, Thanks in advance for any help…
I have a config.yml file which compiles a python script with pyinstaller in multiple machines in parallel.
My workflow is triggered when i push a tag (no issue with triggers)
after it is triggered, 3 build jobs are run on windows(amd64), Linux(amd64), Linux(arm64)
Each build stores the binary file as an artifact (zipped), I want these artifacts to be published to Github Releases page via a final deploy job.
I am new to CircleCI, Please help me


You can use the CircleCI API to get the artifacts for a job that could be setup in the final job.

A link to the API can be found below:

You would also need to use a fan in fan out workflow for the final job to make sure that the other three jobs have been completed.

A link to the workflow can be found below:

Kind Regards
Owen Oliver