New Builds stopped running and are put up in Queue forever

I triggered two builds in parallel, so the first build was running and second was put in queue.
But even after the first one succeeded, the second and subsequent builds are put up in queue forever.

I have critical tasks to complete and this is a planned account. There is no online help that seems to work.

I am using this piepeline since 3 years and this is the first time I am facing such an issue.

Hi @Ajay-U-N – Welcome to Discuss!

Taking a look at the account this build was occurring in, the account is on our legacy container plan. This plan gives you access to a set number of containers to run builds in, and will queue up builds if all containers are currently being utilized.

The containers are shared across all projects building under the same organization. Taking a look at the timing of your builds it looks like there was some long-running builds on another project, which is why you were seeing queueing.

In the future if you want to see all running builds across all projects, you can access the URL structured like:<< ORGNAMEHERE >>

If you need any additional details, given the nature of this request, it may be best to open a ticket and we can continue to assist. That way we can provide some more account-specific information directly.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks Nick.

That was greatly helpful!

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