Need to Verify an Email to Add a Project

When we try to setup a project in our new CCI org while using gitlab personal access token, we are unable to add more than 1 project with token, can you please help us to fix this issue.

Our gitlab repo is self managed.

The project Name is highlighted as a validation error with the message ‘Please verify your email address before creating another project’.
(Sorry I cant post an image as a new user on the forum)

The email addresses in GitLab and CircleCi appear to be verified.

Does anyone have any idea of the cause of this error? This is preventing us from setting up the projects.

Many thanks,


Hi Martin,

Thank you for reaching out to us on the forum. We understand that you are facing an issue while setting up a project in your new organization using a GitLab. Based on the error message you provided, it seems like this could be an account-related issue.

To investigate and resolve this matter effectively, we recommend submitting a support ticket to our support team. They have the expertise to look into your specific account configuration and provide you with the necessary assistance to resolve the problem.

Hi naoya,

My colleague has already emailed Support. I was hoping for some kind soul who might have an answer would be able to give me a quicker response and point us in the right direction.

Hi Martin,
Is your issue resolved?
I am facing similar issue. I don’t receive verification email, so I can not verify it. And also not able to create another project because of it.

For this issue, it is best to raise a direct support ticket as only that team has the ability to fix issues with the signup process.

Thank you rit1010
I raised a ticket couple of days ago. Here I just wanted to check, with people that had similar issue, what was a solution.

EDIT: Verification email was blocked by company’ security filter. It was recognized as fishing email. The security team forwarded the email to me and I successfully verified my email.