My CircleCI project is not showing all branches of my Github project

Firstly, I created a repo named A on github (only have master branch) and I login to CircleCI and follow my github project A.
I have created yml config file by use helloword template (fast option) and build pipeline.

After that, I have removed that repo and re-created a new repo named A on github (the same name as old project but have many branches)
I un-followed old project on CircleCI to follow new project on github (at the first popup, I still see all branches to select config.yml file)
However, when go to /pipelines page, It seems like show old CircleCI project with history of the last build. And I could not see all branches of new project (only see master branch and circleci-project-setup branch which auto-create when I choose helloword config).

It seems my CircleCI project always link with old github project which I has already removed on github repo.

I have removed github permission and re-connect my CircleCI account to github account but dose not resolve my problem. It always show only branches of old github project.

Please help me to link my CircleCI project to new github project which show all branches for me to choose config.yml to run build.