Multiple repositories and one pipeline

We have one packaging repository (contains tests as well), one library repository (mostly helpers and constants), and finally the application repository.
All three are used to in our test and build pipeline.
When we make changes to all one or more of the three repositories and submit Pull Requests,
what is the best way to ensure that only a single pipeline is started to run our tests and deploy?

This link should handle the first part - where you want 3 independent projects to start a project that will import from those 3 projects.

What I do not have an answer for is how to make sure that changes to more than one of those 3 projects at the same time do not cause the test and deploy pipeline to be started a number of times. There is a basic “Auto-cancel redundant workflows” option on a project to reduce the number of outstanding scheduled workflows, but I think that is about it in terms of automated features.

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