Multi-language image

I need a single image that combines: Rust,Node, Android.
I tried using the scripts here: GitHub - circleci/circleci-images: Scripts to generate images for building projects on CircleCI 2.0 to generate that but it doesn’t seem like it supports a use case like that.
Is there any general way to do this? or should I write my own dockerfile that does all of this (and then lose the benefit of the carefully written dockerfiles by circle / docker-hub)


That git repo is for historic reference, rather than active use.

Also, the circleci-images (old and new) are environments for builds/ci testing to take place in, rather than configurations to be used as target environments. They include a lot of additional services and features that are not normally required on a final system.

So yes if you are aiming to create a docker image that contains a combination of Rust, Node and Android you will be creating a docker file that meets your needs for your final production environment. This is where the circleci images differ from the majority of images hosted on docker-hub, many of those are designed to be the foundation of a production environment.

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My aim is not for production, but for CI uses. it’s just a multi-language project

But the image repo you are trying to work with has not had an update for 15 months and many areas of the file structure are 3+ years old. All of this can be summed up by the 7th line of the config.yml which builds using a docker image based on python 3.6.6 - that is a June 2018 release of python rolled into a docker image that was last pushed to docker hub over 4 years ago, which will mean a 4+ year old Linux kernel.

Just because circleci has left this repo available for reference, it does not mean it is something you should be trying to use as a foundation for a current project.

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