Meteor deploy timeout out



I’ve have been getting all my builds timing out despite increasing the time to 45 minutes. They normally take 15 minutes. I even reran an old build that worked find but now it is failing also. I tested the command from my computer at the command line and the deploy works fine in 15 minutes. Did something change on circle-ci in the last week or so?

Command that times out: METEOR_PRETTY_OUTPUT=0 ; ; METEOR_SESSION_FILE=deployment_token.json meteor deploy ${METEOR_TARGET} --settings settings.json

( (timeout - identical to build 179) (successful 12 days ago)


I’m seeing same behavior. This used to work fine, now meteor deploy to galaxy no longer works.


Any update on this?


In case anyone runs into this, my deployment token had expired; running the following command to regenerate the deployment token fixed it:

METEOR_SESSION_FILE=deployment_token.json meteor login