Increase deploy timeout

I’m looking for a way to increase the deploy time (Waiting for parallel steps to finish) in default it stops after 1 hour, but I’ve some tasks that sometimes take longer to end. is there a way to increase it?

I tried to add no_output_timeout: 180m to the end of deploy but it didn’t work, instead I got Parallel build failed (even though all other builds succeeded)

here is example of how it is in my system

    - deploy:
    name: Check Coverage
    command: ./scripts/
    no_output_timeout: 180m

Hi there. Can you share the contents of ./scripts/ so we can see how you are checking for the other jobs?

We are not checking, the circleCI check for us, and I can see I get
Blocking timed out after exactly 1 hour
does the command no_output_timeout: 180m works with deploy?
can I send you the link for the failed CircleCI in private?

Can you open a ticket please?

That way the whole support team can take a look and we can get you a better answer.

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