"messages" key from project API... what's it for and how can it create a value for it?

Hi all -

When I run the

GET: /project/:vcs-type/:username/:project

end point, it one of the JSON keys it returns is, “messages”. What is this for or from? It’s always is an empty list. Is this something I can pass value to in my builds? I’d love to be able to put something in there that I could use for some CD and dashboard projects I’m working on.

Let me know.



  "messages" : [ ],
  "is_first_green_build" : false,
  "job_name" : null,
  "start_time" : "2017-04-05T15:16:30.754Z",
  "canceler" : null,
  "all_commit_details" : [ {
    "committer_date" : "2017-04-03T10:07:59-04:00",
    "body" : "",
    "branch" : "master",