[maven] use 3.3.x instead of 3.2.5

Hi all,

is there a way to use maven 3.3.x instead of the pre-installed 3.2.5 ; I need to use maven core extension mechanism that appeared only in 3.3.1 and matured in upper versions.

Thanks for help.

Maven 3.3 doesn’t appear to exist in the Ubuntu package repositories.

Therefore, I believe a script like https://gist.github.com/ricardo-rossi/69102bac8c3b5ada4113 in your


section would be your best bet.

Thank you I’ll give it a try. Meanwhile I used a docker based build that I needed also by the way.

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I’d also like to see the Maven version bumped to 3.3.9. I hit this problem on my build:


Does Ubuntu offer an updated package now?