not found while run tests

:sob: Everything is working except I run into this error when I go to run everything:

$ #!/bin/bash -eo pipefail . venv/bin/activate python test python: can't open file '': [Errno 2] No such file or directory Exited with code 2

BTW, i using python. Here is my .circleci/config.yml

# Python CircleCI 2.0 configuration file

# Check for more details

version: 2
# specify the version you desire here
# use -browsers prefix for selenium tests, e.g. 3.6.1-browsers
- image: circleci/python:3.6.1

  # Specify service dependencies here if necessary
  # CircleCI maintains a library of pre-built images
  # documented at
  # - image: circleci/postgres:9.4

working_directory: ~/repo

  - checkout

  # Download and cache dependencies
  - restore_cache:
        - v1-dependencies-{{ checksum "requirements.txt" }}
        # fallback to using the latest cache if no exact match is found
        - v1-dependencies-

  - run:
      name: install dependencies
      command: |
        python3 -m venv venv
        . venv/bin/activate
        pip install -r requirements.txt
  - save_cache:
        - ./venv
      key: v1-dependencies-{{ checksum "requirements.txt" }}

  # run tests!
  # this example uses Django's built-in test-runner
  # other common Python testing frameworks include pytest and nose
  - run:
      name: run tests
      command: |
        . venv/bin/activate
        python test
  - store_artifacts:
      path: test-reports
      destination: test-reports

Your YAML file above is unformatted, and is not very readable. As you can see, the indentation has collapsed and spurious Markdown headings are appearing.

Please repair this using the code formatting tools available in the menu, by editing your post. Thanks :+1: