Make it easier to find tagged builds

Currently, tagged builds feel a little bit like an afterthought. The breadcrumb shown is not clickable, which makes it harder to go back + is different to regular builds.


Also, there doesn’t seem to be a good way to find builds triggered by tags, other than scrolling through workflows + jobs.

Hello @deecewan,
A “tagged” commit is treated very special, because a tag represents a specific reference that cannot easily be grouped with other previously ran jobs because the tag is a unique identifier. Because a tag can be anything these would be difficult to group.

It sounds like you would ideally prefer that the tag link would display all tagged jobs for that repo, is that right? We can certainly explore that option.

I would highly recommend creating a post here:
If you have a vision of how you would like to see this work, we would love to hear it! The ideas board allows other users to vote and comment on feature requests and allows us to not only track interest but then also alert you and interested users in progress towards that feature.

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