Can not view which tag that triggered build

I have builds/jobs (I’m not 100% on the terminology) that are triggered by tags. It works. In the old UI, you could see what tag triggered the build. In the new UI you can’t.

For example, in this URL:
there is the commit and link to it in github, but what I’m interested in is the tag that points to the commit - the one that triggered the build.

This UI just has the word “branch” with an icon that doesn’t link to anything, and no commit.

Getting these back would help somewhat with the transition to the new UI. I’d greatly prefer if we could just use the old UI until the new one is ready. The legacy jobs view page is helpful, but it is also missing the tag that triggered the job. We see a list of jobs, many with missing commit fields because we use tags to trigger builds.


Thanks @jmound for the detailed use case.

Just to confirm in other words, you are looking for a link back to the commit on your VCS (GitHub or Bitbucket) from a tagged build on the main dashboard, correct?

Just to add on a little here:

This has been added to the pipelines page, but not workflows or jobs. If you want to see it now, you can click on the project name in the breadcrumbs and the tag will be in the branch column.

It’s really useful to have it on the workflow and job pages since otherwise it’s hard to know what the results you are looking at are for.

@Kate_Catlin Here are screenshots of one row from the pipelines view, its associated workflow with one job, and that job detail view (please let me know if I don’t have the terminology correct).

The pipeline shows that it was triggered from the tag this-is-a-tag. However, when you look at the workflow view or job view, the name of the tag (I don’t need the link back, but it is a nice to have) is missing. That’s somewhat essential, and what I was referring to. In this case, when looking at the job detail view (where most troubleshooting happen), I can’t actually tell what tag triggered this job.

In this case, these jobs are application deployments. We have a set up that deploys the application when a tag is pushed. Not knowing what tag was pushed for a deployment makes it very hard. In the old UI, that information was there.

A row from pipelines

That workflow:

That job:

Thanks @thekatertot, that confirms what I am saying. Do either of you know if we will ever see the tag in workflow or jobs?

Hi @jmound, @amockor,

Just to let you know that we rolled out a small UX change to show the tag name/number on the job and workflow pages.

Thanks for letting me know.