macOS Intel Support Deprecation in January 2024

After talking with the team, I wanted to share that the AppleM2ScalerCSCDriver error is a red herring and can safely be ignored. If you continue to run into issues, please open a support ticket with a link to the failing build for further investigation.

Hey there Alex, I am trying to migrate my pipeline to M1 image, but faced issue with detox tests, it used to work fine, but now i keep getting timeout issue, and some would successfully pass and some tests would not be running, therefore timed out.

error message:
Exceeded timeout of 500000ms while setting up Detox environment

i can’t attach image as i am a new user but it looks like this:
$ detox test -c ios.release --headless --maxWorkers 2 --retries 2 --cleanup e2e/specs/change-pincode.e2e.ts e2e/specs/view-account-details.e2e.ts
06:13:45.696 detox[22433] B jest --config e2e/jest.config.js --maxWorkers 2 e2e/specs/change-pincode.e2e.ts e2e/specs/view-account-details.e2e.ts
FAIL e2e/specs/view-account-details.e2e.ts
● Test suite failed to run

Exceeded timeout of 500000ms while setting up Detox environment

FAIL e2e/specs/change-pincode.e2e.ts
● Test suite failed to run

Exceeded timeout of 500000ms while setting up Detox environment

06:22:08.290 detox[22436] i A worker process has failed to exit gracefully and has been force exited. This is likely caused by tests leaking due to improper teardown. Try running with --detectOpenHandles to find leaks. Active timers can also cause this, ensure that .unref() was called on them.
06:22:08.362 detox[22433] E Command failed with exit code = 1:
jest --config e2e/jest.config.js --maxWorkers 2 e2e/specs/change-pincode.e2e.ts e2e/specs/view-account-details.e2e.ts
06:22:08.363 detox[22433] i There were failing tests in the following files:

  1. e2e/specs/view-account-details.e2e.ts
  2. e2e/specs/change-pincode.e2e.ts

@michtnt I recommend opening a support ticket with links to your builds so they can troubleshoot further.

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Update: We have pushed the final sunset date of our Gen2 Medium resources to June 28, 2024. We hope this will provide more time for customers to prepare their systems to work on the Apple silicon architecture, as well as allow Apple to resolve the recent bugs we’ve noticed in their virtualization framework. We will support Xcode 15.* on these resources, as long as Apple doesn’t introduce any changes that makes us unable to build reliable images. Please reach out to our amazing support team if you need any assistance!

I’m getting this since today, was that expected?

Job was rejected because resource class macos.x86.large.gen2, image xcode:14.0.0 is not a valid resource class

I’m not a use of the Mac based environments, so know little about the ongoing changes. One thing is that the current published config list does not contain a 14.0.0 version, instead there is a 14.0.1

Using the macOS execution environment - CircleCI

You may want to up the config version and try again.

So far I’ve tried 15.2.0, 15.1.0, 14.0.0, 14.0.1, no dice.

medium.gen2 still works

In that case, it would be best to send a message to the support team as well as wait to see if someone can post a more informed reply here.

Reading back over this thread any info regarding the status of a macos.x86.large.gen2 image is rather limited as all the updates are focused on a medium image.