macOS images need Homebrew update urgently

So our builds all broke today because one of our steps installs a package using Homebrew, which it fetches from Bintray. Bintray is going to shut down in May and today they had a planned brown-out as a warning shot:

The latest release of Homebrew has migrated to Github packages:

However, it’s not practical for us to run a brew update on each of our builds due to the amount of the time this will add to our builds, so could you please update your macOS executors to include the newest version before it starts breaking everyone’s build please?

Hi @lukeredpath! We’re investigating this and working on a solution. Right now the workaround is the manual brew update. We know this isn’t a great solution for you, and we’ll update as soon as we can.

Thanks for the update - here’s what seems to be a possible explanation as to why brew install with auto-update isn’t working for us: remove problematic HOMEBREW_BOTTLE_DOMAIN export by Bo98 · Pull Request #11126 · Homebrew/brew · GitHub

This explains why if I used ssh to connect to the worker after a failed build and run brew install it worked fine, but it failed during the actual build process and why I needed to add an explicit brew update step.

But yes, a manual brew update really isn’t a sustainable or performance solution.

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Thank you for the details - I’ll pass them on to the team. Hopefully, we can get this resolved ASAP.

Is there an ETA for this? With the shutdown about a week away, it would be good for us to have some time to test new images and/or mitigate it otherwise.

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So, what will happen in 2 days?

It’s now May 1st and no update on this issue?

Well it looks like Homebrew has been updated - an update confirming would have been nice. I just ran some jobs successfully, re-ran with SSH and verified myself:

static:~ distiller$ brew -v
Homebrew 3.1.5
Homebrew/homebrew-core (git revision 0d2708c156; last commit 2021-05-01)

Hi. There is an official “Announcement” post tracking this as of the end of April: macOS Image Users: Homebrew Brownout 2021-04-26

Future updates will also be in that post.

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