Homebrew stopped to download openssl@1.1

Dear all,
We have encountered an issue, that homebrew accidentally started to fail in installing the openssl@1.1:
Trying a mirror…
==> Downloading https://ghcr.io/v2/homebrew/core/openssl%401.1-1.1.1k.catalina.b
curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404
Error: Failed to download resource “openssl@1.1”
Download failed: https://ghcr.io/v2/homebrew/core/openssl%401.1-1.1.1k.catalina.bottle.tar.gz

What makes us confused - no changes in code happened. Moreover, old builds that were working fine after re-run started to fail as well.
Locally everything working fine, so we see it as possible issue from circleci side. Anyone had any issues like this? Can somebody help with resolving it please?

Best Regards,
Vitali Fedarau

Hi @samagonv!

I’m sorry you’re experiencing this issue.

I believe this is related to Bintray’s imminent shutdown:

At the moment, the workaround is to manually update Homebrew during your builds ( by running brew update ).
We realize this isn’t ideal but we’re currently working on a solution, and we’ll update you as soon as possible.

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