Login error docker push

In the dockerhub I am using a password with special character #1234# , in the project within CircleCI add a variable DOCKER_PASSWORD and inside the circle.yml file I run the following command:


I get the following error:

Error response from daemon: Wrong login/password, please try again

docker login -e $DOCKER_EMAIL -u $DOCKER_LOGIN -p $DOCKER_PASSWORD returned exit code 1

Action failed: docker login -e $DOCKER_EMAIL -u $DOCKER_LOGIN -p $DOCKER_PASSWORD

I know the problem is in the password with special character, how to work around this problem in CIRCLECI?

Ps: I tried to use " and ’ anyway it returns the error.


Hello @ffelicissimo,

Could you please reach out to support@circleci.com and we’ll help get this resolved.