Keeping gcloud more or less updated (at least in classic:edge image)?

I was playing today with CircleCI building docker images (using machine + circleci/gcp-gcr@0.6.1), and found it updates gcloud sdk each time from (:edge):

Google Cloud SDK 177.0.0
bq 2.0.27
core 2017.10.20
gsutil 4.28


Google Cloud SDK 253.0.0
alpha 2019.06.28
beta 2019.06.28
bq 2.0.44
core 2019.06.28
gsutil 4.39
kubectl 2019.06.28

I always thought edge means latest packages installed, or in terms of CCI it’s only related to docker* CLIs packages?

If so, and if I understand right, I have no way to bypass 40sec gcloud update on each build? :frowning:

Thanks for help!

Not in Machine directly, no (or not until a new ISO is released by CircleCI).

However, you might be able to do this:

  • if you move to the Docker executor
  • if you install Docker in a Machine and then pull an image there

The basis of the solution I would try is to build another pipeline to obtain the image you need, pull updates into place, and push it into a private repo. This can be set to update on a weekly basis.

However, not all builds work inside Docker. The first question I would ask is why you are using Machine?

Sorry for the late reply
I’m new here, from brief docs reading I choose machine 'cause remote docker sounds a bit complex for simple task :slight_smile:
I will try your solution instead

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