Job fails due to unexplainable reasons related to Git permissions

I was suprised by this failure: fails saying that I do not have Git permissions

This job was initiated by a commit-push from local repository.

Rebuilding the same job again via the console: works just fine

Can you please investigate what the issue is?

I have build access to all the repositories for this organisation via CircleCI - I’m able to buld them without such job failures.

Hey there! That exit code usually means that a webhook or deploy key isn’t valid or working correctly anymore. Removing it, and adding a new one, usually resolves the issue.

It looks like you’ve had many green builds since you wrote this; please do let us know if you need anything else!

The error reported earlier was an intermittent one and it didn’t occur again.

But it gave me these build errors a couple of times (you can see from the history of the builds in that week).

And I didn’t do anything since (didn\t apply any changes as you suggested above) then and I don’t get that error anymore when I push to master.

This isn’t explainable and so I reported it to help you guys narrow down any issue on your end.