Issue with web GUI when trying to link it to API work

I was trying to help with a question raised on the board, and seem to have gone down something of a rabbit hole.

What I see

  • The API has a simple endpoint called “Get job details” to which an incrementing integer is passed so that details regarding a project’s workflow can be accessed.
  • The web GUI shows a unique incrementing integer against every entry there is for a project.

The issue

At first glance, these 2 integers seem to be the same number and on a small test project they may even be the same values or at least any API query will return data and so they can be mistaken as the same number. In truth, they are not the same number as the GUI is tracking events that do not result in workflows being created and workflows may branch. This only becomes clear when you start to debug an issue and learn enough about the system to understand the URL generated by the GUI to show the detail of a job - both numbers are included in the resulting URL.

The request

It would be helpful if the GUI could show detail accessible from the API, this would allow the correct ID to be shown to help when validating API development as well as a range of other useful info such as the date and time that a job was run and again for when working with the API the exact slug that should be used.

Follow up

The person I have been trying to help was able to point out that the correct number is shown at the end of the job name when looking at the job.

So it is at least available if you know where to look and what to look for - it would be somewhat clearer if that could be explicitly shown and documented within the GUI, rather than just being something that is clear only once you know what it is.