Issue with documentation about env_var_name

The Reusable Config Reference Guide reads:

The environment variable name ( env_var_name ) parameter is a string that must match a POSIX_NAME regexp (for example, there can be no spaces or special characters). The env_var_name parameter is a more meaningful parameter type that enables additional checks to be performed. See Using Environment Variables for details.

However, when I check the “Using Environment Variables” link, there isn’t a single mention of env_var_name.

Is there anywhere where using env_var_name is described in any more detail?

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Is there something specific you’re looking for in regards to env_var_name?

I will check with the docs team about that particular workflow, but am happy to try to find some answers for you in the meantime!

Hi Katy! I guess I was just looking for a more thorough explanation and usage examples, since I tried using it once and couldn’t quite figure out how it worked. I can’t recall exactly what my use case was but I probably found a workaround since it’s not blocking me anymore.

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I’m glad it’s not blocking you anymore. I didn’t find any other detailed docs on it either, so I send it to the docs team. Thank you for helping us improve the docs!

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