Is there any way to automate the "Authorize With Github" button in the checkout SSH keys section using the API?

We are trying to automate the creation of a new project’s code and infrastructure. However, we are using private submodules and need a user checkout ssh key for this to work. Sending a POST request to /checkout-key fails presumably because I need to Authorize Github for that repo.

I’d love it if it were possible to do this without pausing our script and prompting the user to navigate to the CircleCI page and click the button manually.

This also means that when we initially follow via the API our builds will fail because they don’t have access to private submodules. We would then need to rerun the build after the user has authorized

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If it is not in the API, I would assume it is not supported. Have a look at the ideas page to see if it has been proposed already.

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