Adding a github SSH checkout key fails on API 1.1 with 404



Hello there!

I have written a small npm module that will use the CircleCI API to add a checkout SSH key for the target project.

I am using this endpoint:, and my call used to work without an issue up until about two weeks ago (i.e. a 2XX was returned and I verified that the new SSH key was added to the target repository on CircleCI).

Now it fails with a response saying: message: '{"message":"Not Found","documentation_url":""}' } }. This is an odd error message, as the repository is there on GitHub, and executing the exact same request as a GET request (so hitting this endpoint returns the existing checkout keys without an issue.

I am not too sure where the problem lies (i.e. CircleCI or GitHub), but I a, convinced at this point that it is not an issue with how the calls to the services are being performed (i.e. permission issues etc).

Any help would be much appreciated.



After some digging, I figured this one out! It turns out that the authroization I had setup for my user between github and CircleCI was removed/expired (for reasons I can’t quite explain atm), but re-enabling that authorisation resolved this issue for me.