Is there a way to add annotations to workflows?

Hi, folks,

I’m coming from BuildKite service and I was able to find and port all things except for one: annotations (`buildkite-agent annotate` v3 | Buildkite Documentation). It is quite useful feature to provide quickly accessible notes on pipeline screen (e.g. link to staging env or dashboards, some stats, etc).

Is there a way to implement it in CircleCI? My current task is to make python coverage browsable as HTML and I use artefacts now, but it is very inconvenient: user needs to open artefacts and find “index.html” in a really big list of html files. Making a single HTML file is very inconvenient too, the tool doesn’t provide it, plus it will be hard on user browser.

Another use case is to show link to Grafana dashboard for the deployed stack and link to the main page as it is created per-branch with some generated slugs in the address. Again, using artefacts, but it requires more clicks.

Any suggestions on how to implement annotations? Thanks in advance.

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