Is there a variable name for job no in Circle Ci?

Is there a way to retrieve just the job no that is 814 in the image?
I need to create an URL pointing to Artifacts tab - https…/pipelines/github/Team Name/Repo name/job no/workflows/workflow unique no/jobs/job no/artifacts

Are you referring to the jobs in workflow i don’t think there is a way to get the number of the job

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That’s right when the job is executed, is there a way to access Artifacts tab in that case? When I use CIRCLE_BUILD_URL it takes me to Steps tab, however I am unable to navigate to Artifacts tab

There is no way to find job number on circleci for now but maybe you can find a workaround it like

if you want to use some files stored in artificates you can just directly store it on somewhere else instead of storing it on artifacts like

  • Store the required files on private remote repository and clone it when required
  • Store on any remote server or ftp server and then download it.
  • You can use cloud provider like amazon AWS or google cloud for file storage.
  • Update:
    There is a $CIRCLE_BUILD_NUM to get the job Number.

    Doesn’t $CIRCLE_BUILD_NUM provide this (within the job)?

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    Yeah you are right i did not notice that.
    Thank you for your answer it really helped me too.

    Maybe also some info that would be helpful to the OP here:

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