Is it possible to change the build number?


I’d like to migrate some projects from TeamCity and Travis to use Circle but there doesn’t appear to be a way to specify the build number.

I found this old thread about resetting

But I’d like to change the value so the build number continues from the previous value as the build number is part of our released software version.

Many thanks



CirclecI team, I would also like to use a feature to reset the build number from some custom offset to carry on from another setup.

Please do update.


This is not possible on CircleCI. You can make a feature request by posting in the Feature Request Discuss Category.

What are you using the build number for? If it’s arbitrary, well, I don’t have a solution. If it’s as part of a release string for your project, you could maintain this on your own, perhaps stored in the repo itself or using environment variables.


Made a work-around for this.

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