Change build or pipeline number?

Does anyone know how to change the build or pipeline number (apart from running a build / pipeline multiple times).

I’ve taken over a mess of a github repo that has code and binary blobs that are not in LFS and only loosely associated with the repo (pictures etc that the code serves out, but it’s not compiled into the code).

I can clean out the repo, but corporate policy requires a backup. It’s too big to push the mirror back to github so I’m going to have to rename the repo and then create a new repo with the original name.

My issue is that the tags are in part the circleci pipeline number and I don’t want to reset that if possible. So is there a way I can increment the pipeline number?

Hi @timothyclarke,

Welcome to CircleCI’s community!

Firstly, I’d like to point you to this support article for best practices for Renaming and Transferring your Organization or Repository on your VCS.

Secondly, it is not possible to change your build or pipeline number. One option might be to delete all of your build history from CircleCI and start fresh. Another might be to create a new repo and project on CircleCI.

Build and pipeline numbers are incremented sequentially for reasons related to security and how we store data internally, so they cannot be altered.

Let me know if there’s something I missed or if you have any additional question.

Hi Henna,
Thank you for the “Welcome”, I thought that one went out the window for me a while ago.

Confirming that the pipeline number could not be changed (or instruction on how to) was the only point I was after. I’ll have to bump part of the semver to compensate.
The rest of my post was simply a “Why are you asking such a crazy question”


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