Installing Miniconda in Docker times out consistently

Starting on October 17, Docker builds for our test environment have failed with extremely high reliability in the following way:

---> c0b01f94f5e7
Step 17/26 : RUN export PATH="/opt/miniconda-latest/bin:$PATH"     && echo "Downloading Miniconda installer ..."     && conda_installer="/tmp/"     && curl -fsSL --retry 5 -o "$conda_installer"     && bash "$conda_installer" -b -p /opt/miniconda-latest     && rm -f "$conda_installer"     && conda update -yq -nbase conda     && conda config --system --prepend channels conda-forge     && conda config --system --set auto_update_conda false     && conda config --system --set show_channel_urls true     && sync && conda clean --all && sync     && conda create -y -q --name neuro     && conda install -y -q --name neuro            "python=${PYTHON_VERSION_MAJOR}.${PYTHON_VERSION_MINOR}"            "libxml2"            "libxslt"            "matplotlib"            "mkl"            ""numpy!=1.16.0""            "paramiko"            "pandas"            "psutil"            "scikit-learn"            "scipy"            "traits"            "rdflib"     && sync && conda clean --all && sync     && bash -c "source activate neuro     &&   pip install --no-cache-dir               "pytest-xdist"              "niflow-nipype1-workflows""     && rm -rf ~/.cache/pip/*     && sync     && sed -i '$isource activate neuro' $ND_ENTRYPOINT
 ---> Running in 94dbca1f801b
Downloading Miniconda installer ...
Unpacking payload ...
  0%|          | 0/35 [00:00<?, ?it/s]Too long with no output (exceeded 1h0m0s)

As you can see, downloading works without issue, but attempting to install leads to no output for over an hour.

However, building the Docker image locally completes without issue or even a noticeably longer build time. Have there been issues with Continuum throttling connections to CircleCI? Or has anybody else seen this?

Looking into this on the miniconda side, too…

Looks like it was the Miniconda version. They’ve put out a fixed package.

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