Conda not found in miniconda docker image

I’m using the continuumio/miniconda3 docker container in order to run tests against conda. This has been working beautifully for the longest time, but today the tests started failing with “conda: command not found” error. Nothing related in my code has changed. I pulled the newest container locally and I can’t repro this on my machine. Did something change in the CircleCI setup that could cause this?

Here’s the failure:

I had the same issue. It seems to be caused by a recent update to the miniconda3 image. I solved it by using the previous image miniconda3:4.6.14 instead of miniconda3:latest

I figured as much - just surprised it was working locally for me. Anyway, thanks for confirming.

Looks like this is design that just requires changing your code going forward.

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