Inspec terminal coloring

I’m running “inspec” tests via kitchen-terraform in CircleCI

Locally, the (passing) test results are in green with dark background. In Circle, they show up with red background and white foreground, which is obviously not ideal. My guess is that this is because of whatever TERM is defined; if I run the job with SSH and run the verify, the colors are expected (but I’m getting my system’s terminal type over the ssh session, so xterm-xfree86).

I can file an issue on inspec’s GH project, but just wondering if anyone’s seen this before, or if I should try forcing a value $TERM (and if so what) in my job’s environment. This is how it shows up in Circle:


And this is how it shows up if I run locally, or if I shell in to the Circle job (running w/ ssh) and run the verify from a terminal.
local has some more details (does seem to affect other systems as well). Basically, boils down to Circle not support 256 colors.

I did hear back from Circle support and apparently a fix is in the works.

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