Image is not supported


I’m trying to update to the newer generation of Circle CI images as I noticed the last generation are being deprecated at the end of this year. I have swapped out my image from the ubuntu image below to the openjdk image below it.

- image: ubuntu-2004:202101-01
+ image: cimg/openjdk:17.0.1

This gives me the following error.

Build-agent version 1.0.95844-7b5943cb (2021-12-13T14:56:19+0000)
Creating a dedicated VM with cimg/openjdk:17.0.1 image
failed to create host: Image cimg/openjdk:17.0.1 is not supported

As far as I’m aware, this is a valid image as it’s listed, and used in examples on this page cimg/openjdk - CircleCI

I’ve tried varying Google searches and searching this forum to no avail. I’m newish to CircleCi so I’m sure there is there something simple I’m not aware of here?


Hi Steve, sounds like you are using the machine executor. The cimg/ images are intended for the Docker executor only and will replace the old circleci/ images.

As you are using the machine executor, you can use any image listed here:

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you, that makes sense. That does sound familiar now that you say that.

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