Image for terraform AND android AND std. java?

we may add python later too. When our build goes off, file changes are detected and only changed projects (and dependencies are built) 1. speeding up builds dramatically but also 2. guaranteeing libraries are in sync with clients using them 100%.

Terraform is saying use this terraform image but then our android builds fail → Deploy Infrastructure with Terraform and CircleCI | Terraform - HashiCorp Learn

BIG NOTE: Developers ad metrics in servers AND modify terraform all in the same PR so server build and terraform build should both go off and validate. This way releasing server is released exactly with the chart that reads the metric that was added as it goes through our CD pipeline.

Do we instead

  1. continue using the android image and install terraform into image on-demand if needed OR
  2. find image with both
  3. or do we have to create an image?

Is there a way to create an image from 2 images?


I would recommend using the android image if it is working for you.

We do allow any images from Dockerhub so if there was an image which included both it would work with CircleCI.

I would recommend taking a look at our terraform orb which is designed to make using features of terraform much easier by using premade code. A link to the orb can be found below.

We also have an orb for Android which can be found below if you would prefer to use the terraform image from the guide you have linked.

You cannot easily create an image from two separate images.

If you would like to know more about orbs please see a link to our documentation linked below

Kind Regards
Owen Oliver

Can I install many orbs into one so I can do it all in one build? Our build is a monorepo one so only builds what changed so each one is different and never knows if android, terraform, java is needed.