If CircleCI offers a Convenience Images with Ansible pre-installed, what version would you like to see?

Trying to make decisions here… what would you prefer, and why?

  • Ansible v2.9.x
  • Ansible v2.10.x
  • Ansible v3.x

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Do the options you list relate to ‘Ansible projects’ releases or '‘Ansible core’ releases as

  • There is no ‘Ansible core’ release v3.x
  • If they are ‘Ansible project’ releases we need 4 and 5 as options, the versions listed would all be EOL.

Project. Correct for 3. v2.9 is supported for Red Hat users, which is what spurred this question in the first place. Not that I got a lot of votes anyway but I’ll update the choices.

Actually, Discourse won’t even let me change the poll. :confused:

We’ll be leaning towards v5.x. Anyone feel free to comment here.

All I can add regarding the choice is that v5.x is what I expect to be using once I have the time to upgrade all the shell scripts I have been throwing together over the last few months.

For the wider community, it may be that making sure that the images do not conflict with the deployment of Ansible project 4/5/6 is a better option than deploying a named version by default.